Synopsis of book


Long ago, before the dinosaurs walked the earth, Antarctica broke away from the other continents and was buried by glaciers, concealing it forever, until now.


Atitlán and Kukul.

The story of Ancient Antarctica was preserved by oral tradition, reaching the author through a Maya named Don Ixmatá [ish-ma-TA], whom the “author” met during his Peace Corps service in Guatemala.

According to his legend…

The Four Immortals.

The Four Immortals.

The four Princes of Ancient Antarctica are preparing for war. Eighteen-year-old Lor has always known his place in Prince Atitlán’s warrior caste system, but Atitlán’s contentious decision to take a bride from his own family threatens to upset this self-gratifying world of power and conquest.

Accompanied by a band of fools and a runaway centaur girl, who must choose between avenging her brother’s death and killing a new friend, Lor must navigate shifting alliances in a world facing total destruction. The warrior quickly becomes the outlaw as the frontiers of life, love, and loyalty are redrawn.

Clorielle, the Centaur.

Clorielle, the Centaur.

But how much is myth, and how much of the Maya’s story is real? The author sets off to find out.

“this book is sharp, funny, and full of life, just like its author,” raves T.L. clock

© Illustrations by Alexander Nixon, 2014-15


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