Who is Atitlán?

Atitlán lives inside of a castle that he built into the side of a rumbling volcano.

Prince Atitlán.

Prince Atitlán.

Dark-haired, dark-eyed, sour-faced Atitlán is the youngest of the four Immortal brothers who rule over Apassionéa. Having grown up in the care of his oldest brother,  Atitlán is ever-anxious to prove that there is nothing his oldest brother can do that Atitlán cannot do better, even if it means ruining Apassionéa in the process.

Atitlán the sour-faced.

Atitlán the sour-faced.

Atitlán’s throne is made of pure gold and he always dresses to impress. He rules over the Western Kingdom, a hostile landscape of fire and soot, including the barren mountains known as the Wasteland.

Prince Atitlán.

Prince Atitlán.

Inside his stone castle built on the slopes of a rumbling volcano, Artitlán tinkers in his laboratory, devising his arsenal of conquest.

All illustrations by Alexander Nixon © 2014-15


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