Synopsis & excerpt


Eons ago, long before the dinosaurs walked the earth, the continent of Apassionéa broke away from the other continents and was buried by glaciers, concealing it forever, until now.

The story of this civilization was preserved by oral tradition, reaching the author, Alexander Nixon, through a Maya named Don Ixmatá [ish-ma-TA], whom Nixon met during his Peace Corps service in Guatemala.

According to Ixmatá….

Illustration by Alexander Nixon.

Illustration by Alexander Nixon.

Eighteen-year-old Lor has always known his place in Atitlán’s warrior caste system.  However, Atitlán’s decision to marry his daughter, Aya, threatens to upset Lor’s smug world of warfare. Appointed emissary, Lor travels to the home of Atitlán’s brother, who steals Lor from Atitlán, sending Lor into the mysterious Green Forest.

Lor of Apassionéa.

Lor of Apassionéa, wielding his circular ‘ringsword.’.

Bewildered and disheartened, Lor learns that Apassionéa is much bigger than Atitlán’s empire, and begins to question the merits of warfare.

When Lor meets the young runaway centaur named Clorielle, who is looking for her missing brother, they join forces.

Lor and Clorielle of Apassionéa.

Lor and Clorielle of Apassionéa.

Together, they enter the Green Forest in search of the elusive Lord of the Green Forest.  Eventually, Clorielle will have to  choose between killing her new friend and avenging her brother’s death.

Full of colorful illustrations, After Antarctica is sharp, witty, funny, and full of life, just like its author.



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